ferocious. fierce. fabulous.

The Man behind the Tiger


+falling asleep with the windows wide open and the curtains blowing
+discovering a subtle mysticism within conventional everyday occurances
+making new junk out of old junk 
+stealing locker-room glances of other men
+pretending my sewing machine is a sportscar on the Autobahn
+chocolate so dark it tastes like smoke 
+muscles aching from a hard day’s work
+white tee shirts stretched taut across toned chests
+forcing yourself to read slower just so you don’t have to finish a incredible book 
+touching tongue tips while lying on top of another man
+resisting the urge to pick at healing tattoo scabs
+spicy curry that makes you sweat under your eyes 
+rainy grey days that provoke deep thought and poetic scribblings
+sexy underwear worn with the hope that someone will be watching you undress later
+foreign movies with pale yellow subtitles 
+uncontrollable laughter from deep in the belly of the soul
+shirtless runners with broad sweat-slicked backs
+capers, pickled beets, green olives & sauerkraut
+the primitive earthy musk of a man’s armpits
+tender buds of new growth on a favourite houseplant 
+fashion photography that makes you forget how ridiculous ‘haute couture’ can be
+listening to incredible new music and wishing everyone could hear it, and yet wanting it to remain your private joy
+men who find balance between the masculine & the feminine